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Case Studies

Client:  Well-established, mature business-to-business exhibition.

Issue:  Assure retention and growth potential of its customer bases.

Approach:  In-depth interviews with a cross-section of attendees and exhibitors by primary business sectors and company size.

Result:  Identification of key value propositions that drive participation among both attendees and exhibitors.  Findings uncovered insights on how to maintain the event’s premier position in  its market and retain its status as the flagship/ ‘must attend’ event.

Client:  A non-profit organization  with a newly acquired organization.

Issue:  Need to define a communication plan for expanded service offerings of the impacted internal divisions.

Approach:  Facilitated multiple meetings with the new management team tasked with defining the communication plan.

Result:  The new management team defined content and approach for the communication plan while simultaneously building a team dynamic.  End product also identified next steps on how to strengthen the team dynamic moving forward. 

Client:  Trade show organizer with an event based in New York City.

Issue:  Retention of repeat attendees was low, the show team needed direction on how to alter this negative trend.

Approach:  An online study was conducted with the event’s past attendees and prospects.  Results provided a demographic profile of the target audience, as well as their current industry practices,  urgent business information needs and triggers that would incent attending.  It also evaluated the event’s brand strength.

Results:  Findings prompted an event name change, helped management in reshaping event offerings, marketing content and approach.

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